Essay 2 draft 1 - Tanisha Saini English 106.36 Health...

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Tanisha Saini English 106.36 Health Disaster I woke up one morning feeling a cold, hard, and thick lump form under my skin. Terrified and worried I made an appointment to visit the doctor’s office on campus, at San Francisco State University. When visiting the health services department, staff member’s lack of sincerity to genuinely care about their patient’s health is clearly evident. The health department is very crucial for the needs of many students; therefore this service needs extensive improvement. Nurses, physicians, and other staff members at the health service department are all required to follow precise procedures that are very unnecessary and redundant and should be revised. As I arrived for my appointment, I walk through the sliding doors and approach a nurse sitting behind the counter of “Clinic C.” She greets me in a very professional manner and asks me to fill out five pages of information that are all very similar and pointless. Although the clinic must abide by protocol this procedure can be simplified greatly to make a patient’s visit more pleasing. Additionally, patients wait too long. After filling out all of the documents I am told to wait almost a half an hour before seeing any staff member’s again, which was rude of staff members, since they were not being considerate of my schedule. Finally my turn to see a nurse has come, or so I
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Essay 2 draft 1 - Tanisha Saini English 106.36 Health...

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