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Tanisha Saini English 106.36 Health Disaster I woke up one morning feeling a cold, hard, and thick lump that had formed under the skin of my vaginal area. Terrified and worried, I made an appointment to visit the Student Health Center at San Francisco State University. For students that live away from home or do not have other means to meet with a physician off campus, the Student Health Center is crucial for providing standard care. My experience in seeking a diagnostic at the Student Health Center for the lump that had formed indicates to me that the Student Health Center appears to be unorganized, and that the people who are supposed to provide medical care there do not seem to show genuine concern for their patients. As a whole, the staff seems too interested in other issues regarding health that are not directly related to each patient’s case. Overall, there are aspects of the Student Health Center that seem to need to be subjected to improvement largely due to the staff’s failure to provide adequate care to all patients. When I arrived for my appointment, I walked through the sliding doors and approached a nurse sitting behind the counter of “Clinic C.” She asked me to fill out five pages of personal information that were all very similar and asked for the same records: name, birth date, address, and other relevant data. Despite the fact that the clinic must abide by the protocols that require this paperwork to be filled out, this procedure could be greatly simplified by eliminating several forms and requiring all patients to fill out a document only once that the Health Center could store for future appointments. However, the problems did not conclude here. After filling out all of the documents I was told to
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wait almost a half-hour before seeing any staff member’s again. Other patients were waiting too long to seek medical advice as well, and becoming increasingly agitated by
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Essay 2 draft 2 - Tanisha Saini English 106.36 Health...

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