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essay 2 visit summary - Tanisha Saini English 106.36 Visit...

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Tanisha Saini English 106.36 Visit to Health Center I decided to visit Physician Gamo M.D. in the Health Center, specifically the women’s clinic, on campus. I visited the women’s clinic due to a medical condition I am facing, and also since my doctor is located in Sacramento, Ca. Also I already pay for health services on campus, therefore I thought I should take advantage of this service. As soon as I arrived, I had to wait for over a half an hour to see any doctor. Once it was my turn the nurses mixed up my appointed with another patient. This resulted in another twenty minutes of wait time. Finally, I was able to see a nurse who took my blood pressure just fine, which I was very fortunate for, and then I was manned to another wait time in the doctor’s office. When I was able to meet with her, she was very nice and polite. Although very awkward because before I could tell her my problem she began preaching about how I NEED to get on FamilyPact, even though I do not expect to start a family any time so at all, or have any way of doing so currently. I proceeded to tell her I
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