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Thesis: By becoming more involved in pre-med events that occur on and off campus students will be more motivated and serious about pursuing their medical careers and goals. Topic Sentence: As an incoming pre-med student may find that in many environments such as classrooms and internships can be intimidating and make it difficult to create connections. A. PHPSA is a great way to find research and internship opportunities. B. PHPSA assists students by helping them to connect with people who share similar career interest. C. PHPSA helps students commit to their career goals by discovering events to attend that allow students to meet with health professionals. D. PHPSA looks great on a medical school admission application. Topic Sentence: AMSA is equally beneficial for pre-med students to become more aware of the possibilities available to enhance their careers and to create connections that would render them more serious about their future careers.
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Unformatted text preview: A. AMSA allocates a deans panel at each conference from the top and best medical schools in the country. Allows students to know what medical schools look for and directly from the deans themselves. B. AMSA holds a few hour long Pre-Health Professions Fair in which all the deans and associate deans sit at their assigned booths while students are free to ask questions they may have for the dean and about the school. C. AMSA is held on a national level and is known nation wide, therefore a pre-med student is able to connect with students from all around, with deans, and other higher powered officials who can be determining any pre-med students application. D. AMSA looks good on medical school admission applications. Conclusion: Therefore, by becoming more involved in events that can enhance a pre-med students motivations, they will also be more serious about obtaining their goals....
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