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Proactive abt learning essay outline

Proactive abt learning essay outline - Tanisha Saini 106.36...

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Tanisha Saini 106.36 Proactive about Learning Essay Outline Introduction Thesis: Within the world of higher learning, students everywhere are beginning to take the initiative to get involved in their community and school campus to further develop their education. By becoming involved college can be an enriching experience that should be taken advantage of. Paragraph 1 Topic Sentence: One of the most effective methods available for students to expand upon their knowledge is tutoring. A. Many classes in college use incentives as a way for students to take advantage of tutoring options. B. At San Francisco State University, several professors are correlating with tutoring classes and offering students an extra unit if they decide to utilize the tutoring class. C. Tutoring is also a great mechanism for students who feel uncomfortable asking questions and speaking in class, or amongst a large audience. Paragraph 2 Topic Sentence: For students who do not have any conflicts with public speaking, getting involved within the classroom is important and beneficial for ones education.
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