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Tanisha Saini English 106.36 Self Check 4 GLOBAL 1. Does the thesis specifically state what the paper is about? My thesis is very clear and addresses exactly who is causing the problem and what needs to change and how. 2. Do the topic sentences of each paragraph relate strongly to the thesis? Is there flow? Each topic sentence relates well to the previous paragraph which is all integrated and connected to the thesis, which ultimately creates a flow. 3. Do you use passive or active voice? Refrain from loose verbs such as is? To be? I maintained an active voice through out the whole paper. I tried my best to stay away from “is” but sometimes using the word was necessary. I did not use to be verbs. 4. Did you use at least 2 properly cited quotes? Yes I cited at least two quotes properly and in APA format. The entire paper is in APA format. 5. Does the conclusion tie the entire essay together? I reiterate my thesis in my conclusion and state how citizens are wrong to believe human
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