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Self Check Tanisha Saini English 106.36 GLOBAL 1. Yes I have a hook that describes the setting. Then I move into talking about the feeling of being lost for freshmen students and how they can channel this feeling into activities. Then I talk about specific activities students can partake in to enhance their college experience. 2. Yes my thesis is a bit long but it gets my point across. The most important ways to get involved in school are by creating a relationship with the professors, participating in class, utilizing tutors on campus, and by joining social clubs and organizations. 3. Each topic sentence clearly states what the paragraph is going to be about. 4. Each topic sentence of every paragraph ties in the previous idea in, along with stating what the paragraph will be about. This is the same between every “P.I.E” statement. 5. My paragraphs included PIE statements. A. I SHOW by using quotes from the interview with Professor Pam and by citing Aisling Ash’s Ways to get involved in extracurricular activities and
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