Why should a person consider attending college

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Why should a person consider attending college? What kinds of opportunities does college present? How can a student take advantage of these opportunities? College is an unwavering pool full of opportunities to grow and prosper as an individual, worker, and most importantly student. College is necessary for developing relationships and connections and obtaining mounds of useful information. By connecting with faculty and other students around campus, job opportunities and career projects such as volunteering and interning become readily available and more easily accessible. Creating relationships is so significant because it allows for students to build their network colony and items such as their resumes. College is a very realistic place to be in order to build a striking resume because most faculty are connected to larger
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Unformatted text preview: corporations and are reliable and impressive as references themselves. The references can serve as a great benefit when looking for jobs and when pursing higher career challenges. Without attending college the term “closed doors” can become an unavoidable reality in which one must learn to accommodate to because many of these references are inaccessible without attending college. This also surfaces issues such as becoming limited to a minimal selection of qualified job prospects and the chance of becoming unemployed rises. Connecting is only one of many reasons as to why college is an important foundation to create. Other reasons and opportunities can only be unveiled by one experiencing and attending college themselves....
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