HW 1 - Tanisha Saini Critical Thinking 110-5 Homework...

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Tanisha Saini Critical Thinking 110-5 Homework Assignment #1 Exercise 1.1 3. Critical Thinking is systematic because it involves procedures and methods that evaluate and formulate your current and new beliefs and by rational standards. 7. Feelings and critical thinking compliment one another because feelings give us our motivation and we need motivation to act and the guidance of reason to act appropriately. Critical thinking helps to clarify our emotions also. 9. Statement: The sky is blue. Non-statement: Please turn to page five. 13. A premise is a statement (a claim or belief) that follows in support of another statement. 20. Conclusion Indicator Words: Therefore. Hence. We conclude that. Exercise 1.2 3. Statement. 5. Not a statement. 6. Not a statement. 8. Statement. Exercise 1.3 2. No argument. 9. Constitutes argument. Conclusion: “Spiderman is a better superhero than Superman” Exercise 1.4 2. Constitutes argument. Premise: You have neglected your duty on several occasions, and you have been absent from work too many times. Conclusion: Therefore, you are not fit to serve in your current capacity. 9. Constitutes argument. Premise(s): They are mentioned in the Bible. There are many people today who claim to
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HW 1 - Tanisha Saini Critical Thinking 110-5 Homework...

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