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Tanisha Saini PHIL 110 Homework Assignment #2 Exercise 4.1 5. Expert- is someone who is more knowledgeable in a particular subject are or field than most other people are. 8. The fallacy of appeal to authority occurs in one of two ways. One: by disregarding rule of thumb: just because someone is an expert in one field, he or she is not necessarily an expert in another. The second is by regarding a non expert as an expert. 9. First prerequisite: Education and training from reputable institutions or programs in the relevant field, usually evidenced by degree or certificate. Second prerequisite: Experience in making reliable judgments in the field. 12. Its reasonable to accept the evidence provided by personal experience only if there’s no reason to doubt it. 13. Some factors that raise doubt are impairment (stress, injury, distraction, etc.) and expectation. 14. Gambler’s Fallacy- to think that previous events can affect the probabilities in the ransom event at hand. 16. Confirmation Bias- Seeking out and only using confirming evidence, and also
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Unformatted text preview: resisting conflicting evidence. 18. Availability Error- Occurs when we rely on evidence no because its trustworthy but because its memorable or striking. 21. Three techniques for evaluating the reliability of new reports: look for slanting, examine sources, and check for missing facts. 22. Advertising principle: We generally have good reason to doubt advertising claims and to be wary of advertisings persuasive powers. Exercise 4.2 2. Claim: In Russia, some people live to be 150 years old. I would reject this claim because my personal experience and knowledge that people do not live to be 150 years old is doubt. Therefore I do not accept the claim. 9. Claim: A photo exists showing a shark attack a diver climbing into a helicopter. I would accept this claim because I challenged the credibility of this claim by looking up on Goggle if this picture exists. Therefore, I would accept this claim....
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