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HW 4 - victims as are women and children from foreign...

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Tanisha Saini PHIL 110 HW #4 For the final paper I will be addressing the moral issue of human trafficking in San Francisco. Human trafficking demonstrates the extent to which immorality exists in our country and more specifically within our communities. San Francisco happens to be a highly industrialized city for the trafficking market. The city allows for trafficking to occur within massage parlors, restaurants, travel agencies, and clubs. Although San Francisco is liberal and open to sexuality, the city as a whole should not allow slavery for sex to exist. Trafficking demolishes safety for women and children, since they are the targeted victims of this industry. American born women and children are not the prime
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Unformatted text preview: victims, as are women and children from foreign countries who are kidnapped and manipulated to come to America. However, solely based on the markets existence the chance of a United States citizen being kidnapped and placed into the market has increased. Foreigners and their families are also told they will be given jobs and provided for and offered a wonderful life in the states. Unfortunately when victims arrive to this country, they are sold into slavery for sex to pay off their debt for coming to American. Not only is this issue unethical, human trafficking creates a lack of safety to subsist within communities for women and children....
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