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best boss - work She was a fairly young lady with radiant...

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Until now I’ve just had a little work experience because I’ve spent most of my time studying. However, 2 years ago, when I was a sophomore at a university in my home country, I gained the first ever paid-job in my life as a waiter. That was a part-time job at a rather small restaurant. My duty was taking orders, informing the chief cook of orders, helping him do odd things in the kitchen, bringing cooked dishes to customer and cleaning up everything after the meals were done. At the very beginning, I was very excited to think that I could earn money for myself. Nonetheless, after working for 2 days, I realized the work was not as easy as I had thought. I appeared embarrassed and clumsy when there were a lot of customers coming in simultaneously. Fortunately, my boss was very nice to help me get familiar with the
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Unformatted text preview: work. She was a fairly young lady with radiant smiles always on her face. In busy moments, she got out of her counter to help me take orders or bring drinks to customer. She taught me to describe dishes in the menu when customers asked me about them. Moreover, she was very patient to give me detailed instructions so that I felt confident to do things in the right way. I still remember the day when I was so careless that I dropped 2 bowls on the floor. I was very nervous because they were broken apart. However, my boss didn’t scold me anything but also helped me clean up splinters of those bowls. In free time, she even asked the chief cook to prepare some dishes for me to eat. I really had a great time with my first job. And I always feel thankful to my very first boss. She was very nice....
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