boi for exam 2 - access controls Controls that restrict...

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access controls Controls that restrict unauthorized individuals from using information resources and are concerned with user identification. accountability A term that means a determination of who is responsible for actions that were taken. adware Alien software designed to help pop-up advertisements appear on your screen. affinity portal A web site that offers a single point of entry to an entire community of affiliated interests. aggregato r Web sites that provide collections of content from the Web. agile development A software development methodology that delivers functionality in rapid iterations, measured in weeks, requiring frequent communication, development, testing, and delivery. AJAX A web development technique that allows portions of Web pages to reload with fresh data instead of requiring the entire Web page to reload. alien software Clandestine software that is installed on your computer through duplicitous methods. analog signals Continuous waves that transmit information by altering the amplitude and frequency of the waves. anti-malware systems (antivirus software) Software packages that attempt to identify and eliminate viruses, worms, and other malicious software. application controls Controls that protect specific applications. application portfolio The set of recommended applications resulting from the planning and justification process in application development. application service provider (ASP) An agent or vendor who assembles the software needed by enterprises and packages them with outsourced development, operations, maintenance, and other services. asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) Data transmission technology that uses packet switching and allows for almost unlimited bandwidth on demand. auction A competitive process in which either a seller solicits consecutive bids from buyers or a buyer solicits bids from sellers, and prices are determined dynamically by competitive bidding. audit An examination of information systems, including their inputs, outputs, and processing. authentication A process that determines the identity of the person requiring access. authorization A process that determines which actions, rights, or privileges the person has, based on verified identity. back door Typically a password, known only to the attacker, that allows the attacker to access the system without having to go through any security procedures. backbone networks The main fiber-optic network that links the nodes of a network. bandwidth The range of frequencies available in a communications channel, stated in bits per second. banners Electronic billboards, which typically contain a short text or graphical message to promote a product or a vendor. biometrics
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boi for exam 2 - access controls Controls that restrict...

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