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Communication skills syllabus - UNIVERSITY OF BANKING...

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UNIVERSITY OF BANKING HOCHIMINH CITY, VIETNAM Fall 2007 Course Syllabus for MG001 Professor: Tran Trung Kien, mobile: 0905332424, email: [email protected] Communication Skills TEXTBOOK: “Kien thuc co ban ve ky nang giao tiep,” NXB Tre, 2007. ( “Basic knowledge of communication skills,” Youth Publisher, 2007). PURPOSE: To provide students with a theoretical overview of issues in human communication and to equip students with a set of practical skills to enhance their own communication competence in a wide variety of professional, social, and personal settings. METHODS: Lectures, group discussions, analytic and diagnostic assignments, readings and online viewings as assigned. COMPETENCIES: On successful completion of the course students should be able to: Report increased self-understanding and confidence in human interactions Communicate their ideas with fluency and sensitivity; Apply non-verbal communication theory in communicating and evaluating the messages of others; Use critical thinking and problem solving skills to understand and to resolve
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Communication skills syllabus - UNIVERSITY OF BANKING...

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