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Hi everyone, I’m Khoa Nguyen. I’m international student from Vietnam. If you feel it’s hard to remember or pronounce my name, you can call me Kevin as my nick name. My major is finance and my minor is accounting. I study at Winona Campus. I graduated high school in 2007. I studied 2 years at a university in Vietnam, 1 year at 1 Community College in Virginia, and just transferred to Winona State last semester. I’m a little young, so I don’t have much experience about the life. As a traditional Asian student, I just go to school, focus on my study and receive financial support from my parents. Because of being the only boy in my family, I have been coddled by my parents from my very young age. In my house in Vietnam, I have a charwoman do all of my odd things such as cleaning, washing, ironing,…Thus, I did not know how to do any simple housework. Many people regarded me as a bad boy. Everything has changed since I came to the US for study. At the beginning, I did have a very difficult time to adjust to an independent life as
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Unformatted text preview: well as a new living environment. I had to learn to do everything from the little to the bigger ones. Subsequently, I realized that I was much more grown-up. Right now, I even can cook a delicious meal for my friends. I’m really interested in my major of finance. I love working with numbers and enjoy the challenges of doing comparative, quantitative, and cash-flow analysis in addition to portfolio and asset management, financial modeling and asset valuation. Right now I’m a junior and I plan to graduate in May 2012. After graduation, I plan to come back to Vietnam to start my career. I hope that with a US bachelor’s degree, I can find a well-paid job in an international financial organization. Moreover, after 2 year working period, I will advance on a MBA degree. This is my first online course I have ever taken. I’m looking forward to having interesting experiences in this class. I’m very glad to know all of you....
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