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Slide6 - Bilingual& Multilingual Ability(cont a Minimal...

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Unformatted text preview: Bilingual & Multilingual Ability (cont.) - a Minimal 8r. Maximal Bilingualism g Max-imalist definition: ‘hatiVe-like-Control of two or more languag'es' a Minimalist definition: incipient bilingualism (e.g'.- tou_rists,_- business People} a Vald'és (2003} picturtes'bilinguals is existing on a continuum. a Who is or is not categorized as a bilingual will depend on the purpose of the categorization. a Balanced Bilin-guals «3 Someone who is approximately-equally fluent in two languages across various contexts may be terrhed as equilingual or a'mbili'ngual on,r a balanced bilingual. D Balanced bilingualism is sOmetimes used as” an idealized concept. a It is also a problematic concept: the balance may exist at a low level of competence-in the two. languages. n TWO contrasting VieWs of individual bilinguals: } Monolihgual/FractionalView' ;~ Holistic View ...
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