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Endangered Languages: Planning and Revitalization

Endangered Languages: Planning and Revitalization -...

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Unformatted text preview: Endangered Languages . There is no exact agreement as_to the number of living languages in the world- There 15, however, growmg agreement that many or most are damn g languages- - There are approximately 6000 languages in the world today. . 50% to 90% of the world’s language is dying or near death in the next century. - Thus, language planning measures to maintain linguistic and cultural diversity are urgently required. II Five basic arguments why retaining language diversity is essential: (1) It is widely agreed that ecological diversity is essential. (2) Languages express identity. (3) Languages are repositories of history. (4) Languages contribute to the sum of human knowledge. (5) Languages are interesting in themselves. Im mmfloliwwm-Pfl -— - - pm mu m mum-p- ...
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