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Unformatted text preview: LANGUAgE $HH|FTAN® LANGUAGE AAAHNTENANQE (@QNT ) e There are various {eve-is of estabiishing causes of language shift, Eeveis such as the political, the economic, the psychoiogicai and at the socioiioguistic ievei. e A frequent, if generaiized, scenario forimmigrantsis given by R.(3arcia and Diaz {1992) and cailed thfee generation shift. on However, a 'three generation shift’ is not the ooiy possibie pattem- @ A five stage shift from minority {angoage mooiioguaéism to majofity iarguage miieguaiism is proposed by Batibo {21105) as fitting many African minority iangoages, and was found in Pete. on Amoogst Panjabi, ttaiian, Gaeiic afid Weish commities in Britain, there are occasional fourth generation individuais who sometimes wish to revive the ianguage of their ethnic ofigins. h The presstse to become part of a larger whoieseems to remit in a counterhhalancingneed to have secure roots withina smaiier and more domestic comity. ...
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