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Slide10 - ENQLHgH A“ AL [email protected] e The world pre-eminence...

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Unformatted text preview: ENQLHgH A“ AL LA @EJAGE e) The world pre-eminence of English lies in that it is a first, second and foreign language and is found across the globe in three categories. M a s In many countries, English is In many countries of the worl . In many ‘er;panding circle“ the first language and often English co-exists with other countries of the world, English ge oftI‘e languages in a bilingual or has no officialstatus, and may the popula. on. rnI_JI_tiI_ingI_1al situatio not be spoken at all. by the vast majority of the population. Jnited E-ta Id and H untries. English is ed as an important and guage. and p n particular and in III US try. ...
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