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Unformatted text preview: Reasons for Second Language Learning > Societal Reasons — external goals I. Assimilationist (e.g. TESL in US 8: UK) 2. Preservationist (e.g. learning a national language as a second language) 3. Harmony (e.g. English 8: French in Canada) 4. Economy&trade (e.g. international trade inJapan, translating jobs in US) 5. interaction across continents (e.g. growing of ESL internationally) 6. Information :8: power (e.g. Internet) 7. Intercultural understanding 8: peace (e.g. counter terrorism) 3. Foreign language expertise (e.g. military, law, diplomacy) , Individual Reasons — internafgoals I. Cultural awareness 2. Cognitive development 3. Affective goals (social, emotional 84 moral development) 4. Careersdl: employment ...
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