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Slide4 - If Creative Thinking Converg-t thinking ¢>...

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Unformatted text preview: If Creative Thinking Converg-t thinking ¢> Divergent I Creative 1 . l . g one correct answer (IQ test) ¢> many different answers H thesis: the ownershi of two more [an es maymcrease flllrglocy, flexibili and ela orationin timfloglglag {e.g. ‘ysgol' in Welsh meaning both school and iaddergives acided associations} Researches suggestbalancedbilin s are superior to less balanced bilinguals 8i monolin on divergent thinking tests. Threshold theory“. oncechildren have obtained a certain level of competence in their second language, positive cognitive consequencescan result. However, com etencein a second language below a certain threshold leve may fail .to give any cognitive benefits. Before reaching too firm a conclusion: - Do bilinguals show advantages on p 11010 gica] rather than the 5111er linguistic creativi measures . {the term ‘c reativity’ is efined in different ways - Does bilingualism bestow cognitive advantagesof a permanent nature? Convergent thinking - science and technologfl?) Divergent thinking - arts and humanitiesi‘?) ...
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