Exam 2 Review

Exam 2 Review - REVIEW POLS 206-508 EXAM II Key Terms and...

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REVIEW POLS 206-508 EXAM II Key Terms and Concepts : *Polling: fairly recent; caught on national 1930s-1940s; literary digest inaccurately predicted Landon would beat FDR (& Dewey defeats Truman); some polls create opinions; can have a bandwagon effect Important criteria *Sample: group of people that are polled (not feasible to ask every single person) that when done correctly is just as accurate * Random sample: not biased in one way, everyone is equally likely Judging poll reliability Methods of polling Telephone polls: fear that younger groups won’t be sampled Call-in polls: what about people without TV, radio (not scientific) Mail-out polls: no control over who will send it back Face-to-face: people are less likely to lie * Illusion of Saliency: Nixon said Vietnam War was not that important to US citizens? *Alien & Sedition Acts: Made it a crime to criticize government; was a political attack on the Democratic-Republicans; one part attacked immigrants; most of the acts were repealed in 1802 led to distinctions between media types? *Journalistic bias: not obvious! By reporting what audiences want to hear (drama, gossip, etc), we push out the things we should know from the media; this turns elections into competitions; unexciting ideas don’t receive coverage Bandwagon: media uses terms like “gaining support” of “momentum” (+) Best coverage you can get (most exciting) (--) Tends to be short-lived Losing ground: ‘faltering”, “disarray” (+) Doesn’t last forever, gets better (--) Worst coverage you can have Front-runner: “going through the motions”, “uninspiring” Get mediocre coverage (unexciting, average, boring) Likely Loser: lame image, not interesting, boring Coverage may be no worse than front runner due to pity, sympathy *Suffrage: ability to vote; formerly tied to property requirements; gov’t would give protestors suffrage to take their wind Civil Rights Movement: gave blacks suffrage w/ Voting Rights Act of 1965 *Ticket splitting Secret ballots: old ballots no longer used, could not split-ticket vote *Australian ballot: allows split ticket (one-color) Office-block ballot: very easy to ticket split, grouped by office/position Party-column ballot: more difficult to ticket split, grouped by party *Voter Registration All states except North Dakota require registration
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These are state laws Used to have to register 30 days prior to election Registration was part of the progressive reforms Helped with corruption: 1. Required proof of residency 2. Took effort, which allowed time to become informed voters 3. Allowed them to purge voter roles??? * Majority-minority Districts: district lines are drawn in such a way to allow a minority to become a majority in an area *Gerrymandering: redrawing district lines in a way that discriminates against certain groups or devalues their vote; often had racial components; Supreme Court decided that race could be A consideration, but not THE consideration *Reapportionment: process of reallocating seats in the House every 10 years on the basis
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Exam 2 Review - REVIEW POLS 206-508 EXAM II Key Terms and...

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