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Slide10 - l 1_lMu|ti|iteracies in the Classroom i{C...

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Unformatted text preview: l 1 ,,___lMu|ti|iteracies in the Classroom \- i {C - Multicultural Iiteracies and multiliteracies "\ . refer to different languages, different varieties of a particular language,and different regional uses of a language. 0 Such multilingual children do not remain in 1 separate language and literacy worlds but acquire their multilingualism and multiliteracies simultaneousiy. 0 Implications forliteracy in the classroom: 8 . fills! it “I“? -Teachers have choices about what to develop ; . - E E and how. ”a! GI. kl -Teachers may not be aware of home literacies, Bnfij'foufl Ca“? with incorporations missing and much potential lost. me? Mm We“ ado ...
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