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Slide15 - Home and School Relationships(cont Funds of...

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Unformatted text preview: Home and School Relationships (cont) - Funds of Knowledge + Cultural practices and bodies of knowledge and information that households use to survive. to get ahead or to thrive. ¢ This concept serves to debunk the prevalent idea of working-class households as devoid of intellect or of worthwhile resources. * Teacher may visit parents in order to understand and learn about the parents' culture and ‘funds of knowledge'. Teacher ask questions; parents supply stored wisdom. + Teachers may develop and change their curriculum content as a result of such visits. + Some parent-teacher relationships show non-cooperation. a lack of understandinga distance and even an antagonism between home and school cultures. ' Such language minority families may be socially. culturally. economically and educationally isolated from the school. ' To empower such parents: building awareness. mobilization, motivation and commitment. ...
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