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Slide28 - "I'he Im Ila et ef the Achieve ment(1 a I en...

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Unformatted text preview: "I'he Im Ila et. ef the Achieve ment. (1- a I) en In (livid u als - The achievement gap also influences individual outcomes. - There is a demonstrable link between early performance in school and subsequent rates of high school graduation, college attendance and completion, and ultimater earnings. The less education you have the more likely you are to: —— Be incarcerated (high school drops are 5x morealtkely than a college graduate); _ alum _-.- r _ _ _. Be a smoker; ”ff .; =3 ~; — Be obese; ' ' — Be uninsured; — Not vote (college grads 50% mor . a vote than hi school grads). -' - ' ...
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