POWER ELEC project report

POWER ELEC project report - Design, Simulation and...

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Design, Simulation and Implementation of a Single Phase Controlled Rectifier KM Pavan Kumar Namburi Abdulla Binsalem Abstract A converter changes an ac input voltage to a dc output voltage or a dc input voltage to an ac output voltage of desired magnitude and frequency. The former is called the rectification and the latter is called the inversion. Converters are widely used in industrial applications such as variable speed ac drives, battery chargers and DC power supplies etc. Single phase uncontrolled rectifiers are extensively used in number of power electronic converters. The disadvantages of uncontrolled rectifiers are overcome by using controlled converters by replacing the diodes with thyristors. The project mainly deals with the simulation and implementation of both the control circuit and the power circuit of single phase fully controlled rectifier. This also includes the simulations, results and the comparison of various performance parameters of single phase fully controlled converter for inductive filter, second order filter and with and without ac side inductance. I. Introduction Background The control and conversion of electrical power by power semiconductor devices is known as power electronics. Single phase uncontrolled rectifiers are used to provide unregulated dc voltage which is to be further modified to a regulated dc by using a filter. They have few disadvantages such as inability to control the output dc voltage when input ac voltage is fixed. They are also unidirectional in nature. These two disadvantages can be overcome if the diodes are replaced by the thyristors and hence the resulting converters are fully controlled converters. Thyristors are semi controlled converters which can be turned on by applying a current pulse at its gate terminal. They cannot be turned off from the gate terminals. Applications Ac to dc converter is the most typical power electronic devices which are found in any electronic devices such as television sets, personal computers, battery chargers etc.The power is around tens of watts to several hundred watts. They are also used in industrial applications such as variable speed drives that is used to control an induction motor and power range of variable speed drives is from few hundred watts to tens of megawatts. Hence ac to dc converters are used every time an electronic device is connected to the mains. They are used as DC power supplies and power supply for a specific application like electroplating. . Literature review [1] “Power electronics: circuits, devices and applications” by Muhammad H.Rashid second edition. It deals with the basics of converters, principle of a converter and its applications.
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POWER ELEC project report - Design, Simulation and...

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