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001 - I Write a term in the l—caleulus that represents(S...

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Unformatted text preview: I. Write a term in the l—caleulus that represents (S 9 T) 9 ((U,V) 9 W). If needed, you can define some functions using the l—calculus notation. The above thing represents a function, which takes a function as a parameter and returns a function. Here S 9 T is a parameter and (UN) 9 W is return type. Letf1=S9Tandf2:(U,V)9W The above'terms can be represented in l—calculus terms as shown below.. f1 E 7tS.T ' £2 E 7LU)»V.W Now (S 9 T) 9 ((U,V) 9 W) can be represented in l—calculus as shown below.. (Mt lemfl f1 The underlined term represents an abstraction(function) which takes a funcjion as argument and returns a function. Proof:- Consider (kt; lxflmfl ‘ 9 g lx.f2gf1 9 f2 9‘ )LU. RV.W (since, f2 E 1U 1V.W) ...
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