IdentityTheft - WHAT IS IDENTITY THEFT Illegally using...

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1 Computer Security Identity Theft for Fun and Profit Original slides prepared by K. Liszka The University of Akron for 3460:453/553 WHAT IS IDENTITY THEFT? • Illegally using another person’s – name – Social Security number – driver’s license number – birth certificate – credit card – address – telephone number – password – email – bank account and routing numbers – or any other form of identifying information • to obtain credit, money, goods, services or anything else of value without that person’s consent. • You are billed for their purchases. • You are arrested for their crimes. • You are denied credit for not paying your (their) bills. • You are accused of under-reporting your wages (someone gets a job & gives H/R your SSN). Someone pretends to be you and… How Stolen Information Is Used • Open credit card accounts (43%) • Start up phone and/or utility service (21%) • Bank fraud (14%) • Employment (illegal aliens) (8%) • Purchase vehicle w/ fictitious loan. • Evade citation, arrest, criminal record. • Illegal entry into U.S. • Sky’s the limit! Dependent only on the imagination & greed of the thief. Identity Theft Statistics As reported in 2009 for the year 2008 • 10 million victims – 22% increase from 2007 • 71% of fraud happens within a week of stealing a victim’s personal data. • Average incident costs
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IdentityTheft - WHAT IS IDENTITY THEFT Illegally using...

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