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Networking Protocols - TCP/IP Vulnerabilities The TCP/IP...

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1 Protocols, Holes and Firewalls Oh My!!! … it’s a scary place out there. Original slides prepared by K. Liszka, The University of Akron for 3460:453/553, Fall 2007 TCP/IP Vulnerabilities • The TCP/IP protocol stack was developed in a “trusting” environment. • Passwords for telnet, ftp, mail, etc. are sent over the network in the clear or with a known encoding. • Many of the communications protocols rely on the participants being well behaved and “truthful”. TCP Protocol Stack Application Transport Network Link Application protocol TCP protocol IP protocol Data Link IP Network Access IP protocol Data Link Application Transport Network Link Data Formats Application Transport (TCP, UDP) Network (IP) Link Layer Application message - data TCP data TCP data TCP data TCP Header data TCP IP IP Header data TCP IP ETH ETF Link (Ethernet) Header Link (Ethernet) Trailer segment packet frame message Internet Protocol Version Header Length Type of Service Total Length Identification Flags Time to Live Protocol Header Checksum Source Address of Originating Host Destination Address of Target Host Options Padding IP Data Fragment Offset • Connectionless – Unreliable – Best effort • Transfer datagram – Header – Data • Responsible for moving data across Internet • Send and forget • Does not guarantee – Delivery – Packets delivered in order sent – Packets delivered undamaged • Employed on various networking technologies IP Specifics
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2 Internet routing uses numeric IP address. Typical route uses several hops. ISP Office gateway 5 Source Destination Sequence Packet Basic IP Protocol Functions Routing – IP host knows location of router (gateway) – IP gateway must know route to other networks Fragmentation and reassembly – If max-packet-size less than the user-data-size Error reporting – ICMP packet to source if packet is dropped. User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
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Networking Protocols - TCP/IP Vulnerabilities The TCP/IP...

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