[Phys172 Lab05]orbits

[Phys172 Lab05]orbits - rhat_cE = r_cE/rmag_cE Fmag_cE =

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from __future__ import division from visual import* f Earth=sphere(pos=vector(0,0,0),radius=6.4e6,color=color.cyan) craft=sphere(pos=vector(-10*Earth.radius,0,0),radius=1e6,color=color.yellow) Moon =sphere(pos=vector(4e8,0,0),radius=1.75e6,color=color.white) trail = curve(color=craft.color) t Fscale = 42e4 pscale = 8 p G = 6.67e-11 #Units of N m^2/kg^2 Earth.m = 6e24 #kg craft.m = 15e3 #kg Moon.m = 7e22 #kg M #2.5e3 is a nice circle, 3.3e3 is the provided value craft.v = vector(0,3.267e3,0) # m/s craft.p =craft.v*craft.m# kg m/s c #arr_p_c = arrow(color=color.blue) #momentum of craft arr_f_c = arrow(color=color.red,shaftwidth=2e6) #net force on craft arr_f_cE =arrow(color=color.cyan,shaftwidth=2e6) #net force from earth arr_f_cM =arrow(color=color.white,shaftwidth=2e6) #net force from moon a scene.autoscale = 0 scene.center = vector(2e8,0,0) t=0 deltat = 10 while t<4*365*24*3600: rate(50000) r_cE = Earth.pos - craft.pos rmag_cE = sqrt(r_cE.x**2+r_cE.y**2+r_cE.z**2)
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Unformatted text preview: rhat_cE = r_cE/rmag_cE Fmag_cE = G*Earth.m*craft.m/rmag_cE**2 F_cE = Fmag_cE*rhat_cE r_cM = Moon.pos - craft.pos rmag_cM = sqrt(r_cM.x**2+r_cM.y**2+r_cM.z**2) rhat_cM = r_cM/rmag_cM Fmag_cM = G*Moon.m*craft.m/rmag_cM**2 F_cM = Fmag_cM*rhat_cM Fnet_c = F_cE + F_cM craft.p = craft.p + Fnet_c*deltat craft.pos = craft.pos + craft.p/craft.m*deltat trail.append(pos=craft.pos) #arr_p_c.pos = craft.pos arr_f_c.pos = craft.pos arr_f_cM.pos = craft.pos arr_f_cE.pos = craft.pos #arr_p_c.axis = craft.p*pscale arr_f_c.axis = Fnet_c *Fscale*2 arr_f_cE.axis = F_cE *Fscale arr_f_cM.axis = F_cM *Fscale*10 if rmag_cE &lt; Earth.radius: print &quot;Crashed into Earth @ t=&quot;, t break if rmag_cM &lt; Moon.radius: print &quot;Crashed into Earth @ t=&quot;, t break if t%1000000 == 0: print &quot;t=&quot;, t, &quot;&lt;&quot;, 4*365*24*3600 #print &quot;r_cE = &quot;, r_cE print &quot;F_cE = &quot;, F_cE, &quot;&amp; F_cM = &quot;, F_cM t=deltat+t...
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[Phys172 Lab05]orbits - rhat_cE = r_cE/rmag_cE Fmag_cE =

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