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AMST301 Lecture Notes (09.01.10)

AMST301 Lecture Notes (09.01.10) - September 1 2010...

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September 1, 2010 Important Characters in Orphan Abduction book Brace-Priest Margarita Chacon Teacher, priest’s right hand man Orphan herself Biologically not Mexican, but raised in Mex Family. (Sanchez mentions here that she is a good example to use for the midterm exam) What is Race? Race is more cultural than biological Mining Communities in the west Depictions and details of old western films Prostitutes, bank robberies, white cowboys Unlike Hollywood’s depiction, in Clifton Morenci whites are the minority The population is very diverse, unlike in westerns Difficult to depict multicultural democracy in Western movies Clifton Morenci Church is important Women/families have a larger role The West has a such a strong image in American history because of its emphasis on individual fortitude . Idea that west contains freedom, independence Towns in the West would have never existed if it weren’t for the existence
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