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Checkpoint Evaluation and Judgment

Checkpoint Evaluation and Judgment - projected on the...

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Amanda Cerda Evaluation and Judgment Behavioral Science Thomas King Ph .D. November 4, 2010
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There are a few different ways in which we evaluate others. We evaluate people based on appearance, attitude, first impressions, interests, actions, morals and even stereotypes. When we first meet someone they way they act, dress, talk and even smell can impact us and lead us to our evaluation of that person. If the person is attractive we often allocate other positive traits before even knowing that person exhibits those traits. These traits can include sociability, intelligence, gentle and caring and so forth. Based on our evaluation of another person we begin to expect things from their behavior. For instance as I stated we allocate more positive traits to attractive people, we may expect the attractive person to be more honest and intelligent. So when we realize that this person is not intelligent or honest we may become disappointed in the image they
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Unformatted text preview: projected on the attractive person. There are serious disadvantages to some of these expectations. If a person expects certain behaviors or attributes from a person and does not find them it may affect the relationship these two people have. This will disappoint the expecting person and may upset the person from which the expectations were expected. The person may become upset with himself or herself for being unable to please others and meet their expectations. This may cause both parties to lose interest in one another and may have a negative impact on the persons esteem. All in all it is extremely important to give people a chance to express themselves. First impressions are extremely important in our society and though some may deny it so too is attractiveness....
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Checkpoint Evaluation and Judgment - projected on the...

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