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Software Quality – INFO 2180 Assignment 1 The ResNet case study is extracted from the Schwalbe textbook (used as a reference for this course). It provides a sample of a project running through the five major process groups. Read the “ResNet Case Study” supplied to you on the course web site. a) Write a summary of the main outputs produced during each of the five project process groups. b) In your opinion, was Peeter Kivestu an effective project manager? Explain your answer. c) Discuss Peeter’s request for Arvid to create a plan for the ResNet Betaproject in one week. How would you react to this request? Is it realistic to take only one week to plan a project that will last more than a year? How do you think Peeter made this request so that Arvid responded so well?
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Unformatted text preview: d) What were the three main success factors for ResNet, according to Peeter? Can these factors be applied to all large information technology projects? Explain your answer. e) What do you think about having users go to training classes to learn to write code to develop their own systems? Do you think this could or should be done on more information technology projects? f) Discuss the format of the sample weekly status report. What do you like/dislike about it? Does emphasizing issues and decisions make sense? Could this approach be taken on more information technology projects? g) Which lessons learned do you think Peeter, Kathy, and Arvid will most likely use on future projects? This assignment answers should be no more than 5 pages in total. NM...
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