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Alexis Fec LIA 194 9 September 2010 Copy Rights The copyright is often misunderstood, misinterpreted, and even ignored. It is a permanently fixed original work that cannot be copied or used without the original copyright holder’s permission. It’s not a free legal action, and requires fees for creating the copyright and also for using it. It also lasts nearly a lifetime. There is, however, a couple “loop holes”. It only applies to media that can be seen or heard, including but not limited to: books, movies, plays, dance, and pictures. What doesn’t fall into this category is an idea. Copyright can only apply to the form an idea takes. Another way to legally get around copyrights is something called Fair Use. It’s a legal defense position for anyone who needs to “borrow” a small amount of a copyrighted material. Federal law allows people to reproduce, exhibit, or distribute this material
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Unformatted text preview: without authoritization of the copyright holder. Fair Use can be used for things like criticism, news reports, teaching, or parodies. The only requirements are based on the nature and amount of work borrowed, and the commercial impact. The work from the borrower cannot change the original work’s market value. All in all, the copyright is a useful law to keep someone from stealing great, or even mediocre, works of art. It can be hard to work around, but with the federal law for Fair Use, media can be copied, reprinted, and used. Thankfully, the copyright also does not apply to ideas. Anyone can take an original idea and build upon it. This way, our imaginations are not limited by governmental laws. No longer misunderstood, misinterpreted, or ignored- this is the copyright....
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