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Copy of Supermarket Sales Techniques - Supermarket Sales...

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Supermarket Sales Techniques Supermarkets have become experts over the years at getting us to buy more than we intended, and getting us to buy items we really didn't need. The sales techniques used are subtle, and often reflect a symbiotic relationship with the account holder. The account holder gives them information they can use in their marketing plans, and they give the account holder some discounts or special offers. The sales techniques outlined below are just some of the methods supermarkets use to increase sales of targeted products, and increase market share against their competitors. BOGOF – Buy One Get One Free This option has been around for some time, and customers are used to it now. The BOGOF option may be a loss leader, with the price artificially low to bring in customers. It may be a temporary or permanent good offer, where the retailer is making a profit, and the customer is getting a bargain. The BOGOF offer usually applies to cheaper household commodities that can be bought in bulk and are used by a wide number of customers. Make use of them where they exist, but don’t buy items you don’t need just because they ‘on offer’. Check the amount of money you are saving and judge whether you will use the extra items. Bait and Switch The Bait and Switch technique can be legal or illegal depending on how it is done. The principle is that the customer is offered one product at a low price, the bait, but is convinced to buy another higher priced product, the switch. The process can be illegal where, for instance, the lower priced product was advertised but never existed. It may be used legally where the there are a limited number of bait items which are replaced by a higher cost alternative when they are sold out. In supermarkets, the bait may be a special offer such as a BOGOF in the power isle, which has beside it a more expensive, but better quality, option. It’s a common feature of ‘sales’ in the retail world that the volume of all products sold increases, not just the items on offer. In a Bait and Switch world, if you can spot it, at least you can make an informed judgement whether you want to buy the item al all.
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Loyalty Cards The use of loyalty cards has become a central feature in supermarket sales and promotion techniques. Most people become attached to their ‘local’ supermarket, if only by proximity, and only shop in different supermarkets as an occasional special event or visit. It is therefore
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Copy of Supermarket Sales Techniques - Supermarket Sales...

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