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Commerce 1800 – Making Business Work Study Guide for Exam I (Spring, 2011) Class, We have an exam coming up. I want to give you some insights to help you prepare for this and other Commerce 1800 exams. I think the following insights will be helpful. Mr. Kemp Suggestions, Thoughts, and Helpful Hints: 1. Make sure you get a good night sleep and a good meal before taking the exam. Do not be distracted by hunger, sleep, etc. 2. Come prepared and focus on the exam. Do not let other things creep into your thought patterns. 3. There are no “trick” questions. Read each question carefully and choose the “best answer.” 4. To record your answers, you will use a computer form that requires you to “bubble in” each answer. Make sure you bring at least two good, sharpened pencils for the exam. Pencils will not be provided. Also make sure you do not mark multiple answers for a question. Likewise make sure you clearly mark your chosen answer. 5. Any mathematical computations are very simple. You will not need a calculator for this exam. 6. Turn off all electronic devises during the exam, including cell phones, computers, PDA’s, etc. 7. Do not bring extra paper. You need nothing for the exam except a pencil. 8. Work smart. If you are uncertain about a question, do not dwell on it. Move on and come back to that question if time permits. Use your time efficiently. 9. Attempt every question. Do not leave any questions unanswered. Points are awarded for correct answers. Points are not subtracted for incorrect answers. 10. When the exam is over, make sure you hand in BOTH your exam and the computer sheet with you answers. 11. Come to the exam at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. Don’t be late. The exam will end promptly at the designated time.
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12. Remember the exam is administered under the UVA Honor Code. PLEASE DO NOTHING THAT WOULD BE A VIOLATION OF THE HONOR CODE! 13. When you take the exam, remember the exam is closed book, closed notes, and closed to using other people. It is an individual exam. 14. Before the exam, feel free to study with your classmates. 15. If you want exam practice or to look at sample questions, go to the website of the course text. The website is www.mhhe/ub9e . When you get to this website, click on “Student Edition.” under Online learning Center . Then click o the chapter you desire
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Exam+1+Study+Guide - Commerce 1800 Making Business Work...

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