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chapter7assignments - Exercise 7.4 Performance Appraisal at...

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Fall 10  Chapter 7 Template Discussion Questions 1. After reviewing Exhibit 7.4.2, list what you regard as the major problems with the form used by the company to evaluate performance. The major problems that I noticed regarding the form that this company uses to evaluate performance is that it seems very vague and the range is rather broad. A lot of the scales can be broken down to pinpoint exactly what each employee is strong and weak in. It seems that to evaluate employees based off this form can be a bit misguided, since different things are deemed of importance based on job position and skills required in those positions. 2. What revisions to the form would you suggest? How specifically should the form or dimensions be changed to make the performance¬ appraisal system more effective? I would suggest adding more specific criteria under some of these scales to better evaluate each employee/supervisor on their performance. I would suggest striving for as much precision in defining and measuring performance as possible. That could involve creating appraisal forms for the different divisions, and having separate forms for managers of each division. I would avoid evaluation on characteristics of the person performing the job and rather on the outcomes produced on specified job functions or activities during a specified time period. 3. Suppose the firm wants to use the form for employee feedback (Le., to provide feedback to employees on their strengths and weaknesses). Do you think the instrument will be useful for this purpose? Why or why not? What, if any, revisions would you suggest so that the form can be used for employee development? This instrumental may be useful if they use one of the three measurement process tactics. I believe if they make comparisons among performances, where they compare the performances of all rates to each anchor for each job activity, function or overall performance, the company might be able to determine strengths and weaknesses of each employee as well as provide adequate feedback based of the results. 4. Suppose Darby has used this form to both promote people and make merit pay adjustments. Suppose also that Darby has been informed that six African Americans have claimed discrimination based on promotion and pay policies. What (if any) advice can you give the company? What data should Darby evaluate? Darby should evaluate their pay and promotion policies to make sure that there is no merit in these claims. If there is, then they should do the right thing and make the 1
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Fall 10  Chapter 7 Template increases. I would go to the unfavorable information file and see if there has been memos or evaluation forms that could prove or disprove this allegation. I would make sure that the appraisals and evaluations are universally equal to everyone in the organization as well as performed professionally and with as little bias as possible. These workers should not be able to just file suit without having made their appeal and
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chapter7assignments - Exercise 7.4 Performance Appraisal at...

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