IdentifyButtons - eat here again.” Situation 2 1 The...

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Identify Your Buttons Describe three instances in which you remember feeling defensive. Situation 1 1. The person: Myself, Boudreoux customer, and Manager 2. The situation: I previously worked as a cashier at Boudreoux when a customer approached me and started to accuse me of short-changing them. She called me names such as “immigrant” and “worthless scumbag”. 3. Your feelings and thoughts: I was very upset and hurt at the fact that discrimination still exists in this world. I felt violated and wanted to verbally attack her. 4. What you did: Since I was in a work environment, I apologized to her and contacted my manager. 5. The outcome: The customer wanted to file a law suit against me and the company, but that was declined. The manager apologized and that was the end of it. The customer ended up leaving the restaurant upset and frustrated, as she was leaving, she stated “she will never
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Unformatted text preview: eat here again.” Situation 2 1. The person: Myself and my sorority sisters 2. The situation: I was Pledge Captain and was in charge of all the recruitment and being new I wasn’t sure how to go about the process. Instead of getting help from the old pledge captain I was put in the spotlight and yelled at for everything being done wrong. 3. Your feelings and thoughts: I was extremely hurt and ashamed. More so, I was feeling dejected at the thought of being in such a sisterhood. 4. What you did: I took it all in with a smile and with a professional manner. And promised myself to do a much better job. 5. The outcome: I had an amazing semester with recruitment and was able to lead the any new girls so that they would not have to go through what I did....
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IdentifyButtons - eat here again.” Situation 2 1 The...

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