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week1 assignment - Chen Hecheng 04-10-10 International...

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Chen Hecheng 04-10-10 International business management week1 assignments Page56-1 Discuss the concept of international social responsibility. What role does it play in the relationship between a company and its host country? International social responsibility is the expectation that MNCs should be concerned about the social and economic effects of their decisions regarding activities in other countries. The MNC-host-country relationship is generally a love-hate relationship from the host country’s viewpoint in that it wants the economic growth that the MNC can provide but does not want the dependency and other problems that result. Page56-8 What do you think are the responsibilities of MNCs toward the global environment? Give some examples of MNC activities that run counter to the concepts of ecological interdependence and environmental responsibility. The responsibilities of MNCs toward the global environment include the need to consider ecological interdependence as well as the economic and social implications of MNC activities. For instance, some MNCs’ electronic product manufacturing process is endangering the developing countries’ environment. They use hazardous substance in electronic product manufacturing process. Page119-1 What is meant by the culture of a society, and why is it important that international managers understand it? Do you notice cultural differences among your classmates? How do those differences affect the class environment? Your group projects? The culture of a society comprises the shared values, understandings, assumptions, and goals that are passed down through generations and imposed by members of the
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society. It is important for international managers to understand the culture because these
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week1 assignment - Chen Hecheng 04-10-10 International...

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