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The terrorism is a big problem in international business. There are some terrorisms like Somali pirates, al-Qaeda, Mafia. Businessman can’t do business in the areas that under the terrorism control because it’s so dangerous. Terrorist organizations are notorious for their activities like explosions and hijacking. They break the tourist industry and manufacturing. For instance, the Somali pirates hijack small pleasure crafts and cargo ships even giant oil supertankers. They hijack the ships demanded for money. Don’t do business in dangerous
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Unformatted text preview: regions is the best way for managers to reduce the risk of terrorism. Managers should know the risk of terrorism. You never know what terrorists want and they could do whatever they want to do even killing people. You may lose more than you earned if you do business in that areas. The source of terrorism comes from religious extremists like al-Qaeda and some terrorism just want to make money but they take extreme measures like Somali pirates....
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