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international management

international management - International Management Chen...

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International Management Chen Hecheng International Management Salem International University 04-28-10
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International Management As a manager of a Global or Multinational Organization, I will be faced with many challenges. The multinational corporation must be a big company. In our company, we have employees from China, India, Pakistan, and Morocco. Our organization has offices in these countries. It’s hard to coordinate the relationship between two different cultures employees. So I should come up with some ideas to manage them in different ways. A diversity inclusion management method is very important for a multinational organization. For a human resource manager that is a great challenge to manage it well. First of all, my company has many employees from China. I think that Chinese employees are the easiest to manage around the world. Chinese people are always hard working. They are very honest and always do what the managers told them to do. This characteristic is from the Chinese culture’s social values. I think these values are derived
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