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journal 06 - But they told me that Americans have classes...

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04-06-10 journal Chen Hecheng It’s the first time that we had a group discussion. The professor divided us into four groups. Two girls and I were in a group and we discussed about two questions. One of them is why people considered masturbation as a sin at that time and the other one is why the parents didn’t teach their children about sex? We talked about these two questions and I also shared my opinions with them. I learned quite a lot in this class because I didn’t have any classes about sex before.
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Unformatted text preview: But they told me that Americans have classes about sex when they were in high school. Talking about sex is still a taboo topic in China. The parents don’t know how to talk with their children about sex and some parents know nothing about sex. The time in China now is the same as in America in 1950s. For the whole world, China is still a closed country. They need to be more open....
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