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journal one - journal Chen Hecheng Thats the first class of...

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04-05-10 journal Chen Hecheng That’s the first class of principle of psychology. We watched the movie Kinsey in the class. The two hour movie tells us something about the professor Kinsey and his research in sexual behavior among American people. Kinsey is a zoologist at first. At Indiana University, he met and married an open minded student, and began his gathering of data on sexual behavior. He interviews a lot of people to take sex histories. It is very sensational because talking about sex is a very taboo topic at that time and most American people have little knowledge of sex. "Kinsey is noted for really bringing sexuality into the open," says Joanne Marrow, Ph.D., sex researcher and professor of psychology at California State University at Sacramento. "His work was really the turning point in American human sexuality." He devotes all his time to sex behavior research. He says that there are common and rare sexual behaviors, but we can’t classify it into normal and abnormal. In a short, Kinsey is an influential people who is so interested in sex research and contributes to the society. This film illustrated Kinsey's determination to get the knowledge about the importance of his research and development germane to human sexual behavior which changed the lifestyle of American living.
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journal one - journal Chen Hecheng Thats the first class of...

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