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210assign Hecheng Chen

210assign Hecheng Chen -...

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Chen Hecheng Week one assignment 1 1. What is the most different thing between employees with manager? 2. How could the good employees become a good manager? 3. What is your management philosophy? 4. How would you describe your ideal job? 5. Why did you choose to become a manager? 6. Why should your company hire you? 7. Do you handle conflict well? What should you do when you facing a conflict? 8. What is your weakness? Do you think your weakness influence your work? 9. Is that money important for you? Can you tell me that the managers can always earn more money than employees? 10. How much money do you need to make you happy? 11. What did you learn from college classes? Is that the college life important for you? 12. Are you a team player? Why does the team work so important for employees? 13. "What methods have you used to evaluate employee's job performance?"
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Unformatted text preview: http://www.best-job-interview.com/manager-interview-questions.html 14."What experience do you have in setting budgets?" Chen Hecheng Week one assignment 2 http://www.best-job-interview.com/manager-interview-questions.html 15."What systems have you developed and implemented to improve operating efficiency in your department?" http://www.best-job-interview.com/manager-interview-questions.html 16. "Give me an example of when you successfully motivated your staff using incentives or rewards." http://www.best-job-interview.com/manager-interview-questions.html 17."Describe a time you had to motivate a staff member who was reluctant to undertake an assignment. http://www.best-job-interview.com/manager-interview-questions.html...
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210assign Hecheng Chen -...

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