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week1 dis - Hello everyone My name is Chen and I come from...

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Hello, everyone. My name is Chen and I come from China. Most of my work experience is spend on the factory which is run by my father. And I also worked as a waiter in Chinese restaurant, a cell phone seller in a store before. My father is a businessman and he runs the business about arts and crafts. Basically, when the company gets an order from other business partners and then the factory will manufacture the arts product. My work is like a production line assembler or a coverer. In my mind, my father is a pretty good boss. I was not just a worker in the factory and he also tried to teach me everything about the production. I think that was a good boss should be. A good supervisor should treat the understrappers kindly. They know the strength and the weakness of their understrappers. They will always find a better way to solve all kinds of problems and the contradictions between the employees. For some bad managers, they are very pride so they never listen to the people’s good suggestions and ideas. They are always selfish and
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