final - Chen Hecheng 1 Final assignment A manager means...

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Chen Hecheng Final assignment 1 A manager means that you should have great responsibility to everything. You have to lead your employees to achieve the company’s goal and that the less costs during the process are the better. But for some managers, such as the restaurant manager Chen, who I interviewed that he has to make sure that his customers are happy. He and his employees must serve the customers well and make them to be enjoyable. As a restaurant manager Chen, he should accountable to both his employees and his boss. To serve his customers happy is his main job. On my mind, there are a lot of rules for new managers . For instance, you have to hold a meeting by yourself and no one else can help you. You should talk to each of your employee about everything that you want to know but mostly is about the work and the attitude towards to your company. Your speech must be attractive and exhilarated so that your listeners won’t go to sleep during your speech. You also should know what to do next and you need an agenda. Your employees will follow your instructions when they have enough information. Your job as a manager is to make sure your employees are growing and learning and enjoying their time at work. Bringing them to a meeting without an agenda is wasting their time, and that is disrespectful. A meeting without an agenda is like saying, "My time is so much more important than yours that instead of taking time to prepare, I'm going to figure out what we're doing in real-time, and you will sit here and watch me." So the first rule, and probably the only rule of management, is to be respectful. A lot of questions I get from managers can be answered the same way: ask yourself if you are really being respectful. (How to be a good manager: Be generous, career fulfillment, May08)
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final - Chen Hecheng 1 Final assignment A manager means...

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