argument1 - Runninghead:AREWETOODEPENDENTON COMPUTERS? 1...

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Running head:   ARE WE TOO DEPENDENT ON  COMPUTERS? 1 Are we too dependent on computers? CHEN HECHENG Salem International University 03-24-2010
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Running head:   ARE WE TOO DEPENDENT ON  COMPUTERS? 2 Computers are a relatively new invention. The first computers were built fifty years ago and it is only in the last thirty or so years that their influence has affected our everyday life. (Nancy, 2009) Personal computers were introduced as recently as the early eighties. In this short time they have made a tremendous impact on our lives. Since the computer invention, people far and wide have become increasingly dependent on computers. With no doubt, computer is a very good tool to help us in our daily life. Computers make our lives easier in most cases. A day without the computer, it would makes this world goes slow, and everything goes backward. Computers can help us organize our daily works more effectively and time saving, thus this is benefit to us in our works, studies. Besides that, it can be cost saving too, since there will be less paper usage, as you can use CD to save all your files. Even we can enjoy at the comfort from home, to get some earning through online. Or even can pay majorities of our bills just from home with the available of online payment facilities. We are now so dependent on computers that it is hard to imagine what things would be like today without them. You have only got to go into a bank when their main computer is broken to appreciate the chaos that would occur if computers were suddenly removed world-wide. But as we increasingly rely on computers to get through the day, the question begs to be asked: have we become too dependent on computers? In the first place, the negative effect of using computer is the direct impact of
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argument1 - Runninghead:AREWETOODEPENDENTON COMPUTERS? 1...

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