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Chen week2discussion1

Chen week2discussion1 - phone His father always told him...

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Chen Hecheng 02-17-10 Dad by Andrew Malcolm The essay by Andrew Malcolm is talking about the relationship between the author and his father. First of all, the author wrote some things that he remembered about his father when he was young. The impression of his father in his childhood is deeply and strongly. He gave the readers couple of instances during his childhood with his father. When he was a child, his father didn’t tell him what to do about all things just gave him some rules and let him to think over it by himself. Second, when he grew up, he talked with his father through the cell
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Unformatted text preview: phone. His father always told him something politics at times. And the author also gave us some specific details and examples about his father. At last, the author wrote the end of his father’s life. The author used some examples to reflect the relationship about his father and how deeply he loved his father. During the whole essay, some examples were made by the author is to give expression to the impression about his father in his mind....
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