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chen's new essay - Runninghead:AREWETOODEPENDENTON...

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Running head:   ARE WE TOO DEPENDENT ON  COMPUTERS? 1 Are we too dependent on computers? CHEN HECHENG Salem International University 03-24-2010
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Running head:   ARE WE TOO DEPENDENT ON  COMPUTERS? 2 Computers are a relatively new invention. The first computers were invented on 1964, about sixty-five years ago and it is only in the last thirty or so years that their influence has affected our everyday life. (Nancy, 2009) The first personal computers were introduced on 1981 by IBM. From then, the personal computer has a great influence on our daily life. Since the computer was introduced, people more or less have become more and more dependent on the computers. With no doubt, computers are very useful tools in our daily life. Computers make our lives easier in most cases. I think if we don’t have computers today, the whole society cannot work well. All electronic products would stop, we can’t go anywhere. Computers can help us everywhere. The school needs the computers for teaching, retail trade need computers on selling and organizing. We can use the computers to save our pictures, videos and documents. We can do business on Internet, it helps us make some more money and save our times. I believe that we are now so dependent on computers that you can hardly imagine one day we don’t use the computers any more. We would go back the life fifty years ago; the people’s life would change a lot without computers. But as we are more and more rely on computers to pass the time, there is a question which is always be asked: have we become too dependent on
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chen's new essay - Runninghead:AREWETOODEPENDENTON...

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