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how to wirte calligraphy

how to wirte calligraphy - Chen Hecheng How to write...

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Chen Hecheng How to write calligraphy Calligraphy is an art dating back to the earliest day of history, and widely practiced throughout China to this day. It is the art of making beautiful or elegant handwriting. It is a fine art of skilled penmanship. The following tools are necessary tools for you to write Chinese calligraphy. The paper, ink, brush, and ink stone are essential implements of calligraphy: they are known together as the Four Treasures of the Study in China. Paper Special types of paper are used in calligraphy. In China, traditionally paper called Xuanzhi is the preferred type of paper. It is made from the materials including rice, the paper mulberry, and bamboo. The paper is a little bit yellow and always very large. Brush The brush is the traditional writing implement in calligraphy. The body of the brush can be made from bamboo. The head of the brush can be made from the hair (or feather) of a wide variety of animals, including the wolf, rabbit, deer, goat, pig, tiger, etc.
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